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刀塔自走棋组合推荐: Ju‘nan Hongfa Resin Grinding wheel Factory

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  • manufacturers & Merchant & Distributor / Wholesaler
  • Location:
  • In shandong province,china
  • Established:
  • 2009
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Shop ID:18703
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Chromium corundum abrasive
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刀塔自走棋棋子 Price Negotiable

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Product Details

Manufacturers selling high quality oil stone/chromium corundum abrasive/seiko stone/knife sharpening stone

Brand gold shrimp model 42 specifications 220 * 75 * 220 * 75 * 42 (mm) shapes rectangle granularity of chromium corundum 180 # (mesh) scope of application for a kitchen knife, the wood chopper, razor, planer knives, pedicure knife, carving knife, scissors and other coarse grinding tool.Processing custom is